The Fishing Lake and Leisure Park Zoltan & Diana is located 30 km away from the city center of Budapest, in Göböljárás-puszta, halfway between Etyek and Alcsútdoboz, surrounded by pictoresque hills, in the direct neighbourhood of the Korda Studios.

The location is waiting for fishermans, hikers, picnickers, families and friends groups, schools night and day.

Both the territory of the fishing lake and our guesthouse is rentable for company and family events, weddings, club days and sport events and we are proud of the many movies, tv Ads and photo shootings that took place in our pictoresque Park in the last few years.

Besides the fishing opportunities, a small shop of fishing equipments, an outdoor playground, a cafeteria and bathroom are at the disposal of our guests. You will find a riding stable and a pasture area of many acres on the territory of the Park as well.

Do you want to visit us enjoying a great weather? Click here to see the weather forcast.

Fishing Informations:
Water surface of the two lakes: 7 plus 4 acres.
Catchable fish sorts: carp, amur, bass, catfish, bream, crucian (deployed every month).
Trilling, leak fishing and lakeside camping is possible.
No carp size or feeding restrictions apply.
The usage of any boots are prohibited.

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